That is exactly what the 101 Spark - Discipleship Training School is about. We believe in the power of intentional community, as a place to spark faith & creativity into an irresistible force that can change even the hardest places in the world... whether it's right outside our door or on the other side of the globe.


And we also believe that this kind of experience doesn't ''just happen''. And that's why we're putting together a crew of pioneers, creatives and community builders to facilitate an inspiring environment where we want to invite YOU (that's right, YOU) to join us for an exciting season of getting to know God better and having a go at letting the world know who He is and what His kingdom is all about.

So what do you say? Ready to take the leap?

Part 1: Lecture phase (Sept - Dec) - 12 weeks on the West Coast of Sweden.

Part 2: Outreach phase (Dec - Feb) - 12 weeks on the road and abroad.

SEPT 10 -DEC 4

Part One:

Lecture phase

Weekly teaching topics

Live-learn environment

Do Da Thing:

Entrepreneurial projects

One-on-one mentoring

Practical service

Intentional community

DEC 7 - FEB 26

Part Two:

Outreach phase

Share God's love & truth

Hands on opportunities to

serve with diverse ministries

Broaden your perspective

on societal issues

Cross-cultural experience

The heart of the 101 Spark DTS is to create an intentional community to help you grow as a disciple, clarify your calling, and inspire you to creatively engage with the needs of our world.

3 key aspects at the heart of the 101 Spark DTS

SEPT 10 -DEC 4

Part One:

Lecture Phase

The lecture phase is a 12-week journey where you get to know God deeper through fellowship with others and through a big variety of activities. You will receive quality teaching from experienced international speakers. Every week has a new topic where you get to go deeper in understanding and practice in topics like God’s Character, Hearing God’s voice, Holy Spirit, Identity, Relationships, missions and more.

Being part of a live-learn environment will also encourage you to explore how to apply all that you are learning into a hands-on and concrete way of life, anchoring all that you are and do in God's love & truth. We recognize that learning and growth don’t just take place through lectures in a classroom, but also through serving, living in community, one-on-one discipleship, personal time with God, worship, small groups and much more. Therefore, all these elements will be woven into the schedule throughout the lecture phase.

Weekly teaching topics

Because we believe that God’s truth and wisdom were never meant to be learnt in a vacuum, a key practice that will be highlighted throughout 101 Spark DTS is translating all you are going to learn into hands-on practical application with the aim of shaping the world around you.  


That is at the heart of “Do Da Thing” - a wide open space where together we will get a chance to experiment and learn how to creatively engage with the needs around us. The track you choose will be a unique opportunity for you to use and develop practical skills, exploring how to come up with sustainable solutions that will serve all kinds of societal needs.

This Year's Do Da Thing Tracks

DEC 7 - FEB 26

Part Two:

Outreach Phase

This is the part where you will take all the learning you’ve experienced during the first three months, to the next level. This second part of your DTS will be a time of risk and adventure where you will get to test and explore what it means to apply all you have learned about God, yourself and the needs of the world, in real life situations. 


For this year's outreach, your team will be visiting different locations, working with projects that connect with the various entrepreneurial endeavours you will engage with during the first 12 weeks of the lecture phase. This approach will help keep up the momentum already created with the work and ministries we'll be collaborating with. The outreach phase is designed to help you gain experience in these four areas:


One thing you need to know:

there is room for you!

Sparkbox is the vision we are moving towards as a community. It's the dream we have of growing into a crazy playground for pioneers, entrepreneurs and community builders here on the west coast of Sweden. Together and with God, being committed to creating and cultivating sustainable solutions for the problems facing our world today. And through it all, to inspire and empower young people with the truth of the Gospel, so that they may see and know what it means to build a better tomorrow - one that makes manifest our Father’s kingdom, both locally and abroad.

And we want you to know that there is place for you to join the party! We want you to know that your are carrying an enormous creative potential just waiting to explode into brilliance. And our hope is that your DTS would be a time of both growing and dreaming, and that it would feed the fire God has placed in your heart, helping you clarify what He is calling you into and encourage you to boldly start building towards that!

And that's exactly what we want to create space for at Sparkbox: the dreams and visions you are carrying in your heart! So we encourage you to begin thinking already now: what has God placed in you and what will you do with it all? And if you believe that Sweden and Sparkbox is the place for the next leg of your journey, then know that there is a space for you!

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

😀  🙌🏻  ⚡️






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