Come and learn how the combination

of your faith & creativity has the power to change the world.




The idea that within every single one

of us lays the potential to co-create a bright & hopeful future with God.

And that is exactly what the 101 Spark - Discipleship Training School is about. We believe in the power of intentional community, as a place to spark faith & creativity into an irresistible force that can change even the hardest places in the world... whether it's right outside our door or on the other side of the globe.


And we also believe that this kind of experience doesn't ''just happen''. And that's why we're putting together a crew of pioneers, creatives and community builders to facilitate an inspiring environment where we want to invite YOU (that's right, YOU) to join us for an exciting season of getting to know God better and having a go at letting the world know who He is and what His kingdom is all about.

101 Spark is a 6-month program, that will give you the opportunity to grow in your relationship with God and others. You will receive quality teaching from experienced international speakers that will help you grow in your worldview, understanding better who God is, how He's created you and others and what His intentions for the world are. Being part of a live-learn environment will also encourage you to explore how to apply all that you are learning into a hands-on and concrete way of life, anchoring all that you are and do in God's love & truth.

So what do you say? Ready to take the leap?

Part 1: Lecture phase (Sept - Dec) - 12 weeks on the West Coast of Sweden.

Part 2: Outreach phase (Dec - Feb) - 12 weeks on the road and abroad.

Here's how it

will roughly look like.

(AKA, some of the key elements at the heart of 101 Spark)


You'll get to know God in a way that will rock your life forever.

Learning and growth doesn't just take place through lectures in a classroom, but through all of life. 101 Spark will help and challenge you to become more like Jesus, as you join into a community committed to live lives of discipleship.

We are changed when we encounter God's love and truth and get to know Him personally. Through teachings, personal time with God and one-on-one mentoring you will grow deeper in your relationship with God, setting a solid foundation for the rest of your life.


You are created in

God's image. And it has

massive significance

We are all bearers of God's image and we're given this crazy ability to co-create the future with Him. But the question often comes down to if we actually believe it or not.


101 Spark will help you go deeper in understanding the raw and unique material that makes you, you. You will get to explore how to push the limits of what it actually means to build God's kingdom and making manifest His goodness and beauty to a hungry and broken world. 


You'll get to roll up

your sleeves and have

a serious go at it.

We believe the best way to test how our faith and creativity can impact the messy world we live in, is simply to throw ourselves in the unknown... and actually ''do da thing''.


During the first 12 weeks, you will get the opportunity to work & create with others, developing and trying your hands at initiating an entrepreneurial project with the aim to impact our local community. You will spend one day per week in an inspiring team environment which will also set the tone and direction for the following 12 weeks when we hit the road and go on outreach.

Quick facts*

* A fully completed DTS gives you 24 credits with the University of the Nations (

Note that you must be 18 years and older to take part in a Discipleship Training School.

September 10th, 2020 -

February 26th, 2021

Lecture phase: 24 000 SEK

(covers tuition fees, food & housing)

Outreach: 12-15 000 SEK

(+ flight costs)


The final, small, first step to get you launched on this exciting journey:

getting in touch with us!

Looking forward getting to know you!


Restenäs 239, 459 93

Ljungskile, Sweden

0522-210 20

A ministry of YWAM International