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Driving Change

We are a collective of visionaries, communicators, artists, and educators who leverage the power of faith and creative thinking to help individuals, projects and organisations reimagine how to engage with societal issues and build better tomorrows.

At Blóm, we have an unflappable belief that every individual’s unique gifts, skills, and passions have immeasurable potential to inspire healing, restoration and hope in the world. Helping people discover the embodiment of this truth is at the core of why we exist. 

What We Do


Fika & Co

Every single one of us has an innate desire to belong. To have a space where we can share and do life together with others. People we can laugh and cry with, people with whom we can build trust and accountability. People who are championing us as we explore and figure out how to be in the world.  Our co-working and café provides an intentional and nurturing space where we make connections, build meaningful relationships, grow faith, explore creativity, take risks, and make friends.


Design Studio

We believe in the power of stories and storytelling to influence change in our world today and shape better tomorrows. Through branding, design, and strategy, our storytelling aims to take clients on a journey of distilling their vision and creatively executing those visions and ideas in a way that resonates with their audience and amplifies long lasting impact.


Curious Lab

“To be wise is to be eternally curious”

We believe that the moment we stop learning, we also stop growing and leading. Curating and facilitating immersive learning environments that keep our curiosity juice flowing is vital to our collective is at the core of who we are. They allow us to explore creativity and discover new ways of transforming old paradigms into applicable truths in today’s world.   

From short seminars to longer in-depth training, all our learning environments are geared toward inspiring and equipping people to transform ideas and visions to reality.

Up For

Joining Us?

We have big dreams about the future and we are eager to see how it will all unfold, but our vision is very much at a startup stage. We are welcoming brave, like-minded souls who will join us to do the hard and adventurous work of shaping and moulding this vision.


It matters little to us if you are a seasoned creative or newbie, what does matter is if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and commit to doing the plain hard work of transforming dreams, visions, and ideas into beautiful realities.


So, to all of you creative thinkers, writers, baristas, designers, photographers, and film-makers - you, who are longing to use your skills and passions to make a difference in some of the pressing needs facing our world today - to you we say welcome!




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