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Project Boombox


People get stuck.


Stuck in classrooms that bore them to death, or in jobs they grow to hate. People get stuck in places they don't really want to live and wake up one day wondering why... Once people get stuck, they usually stay stuck, and as busy as they may look, not much ever really happens.

- Patrick Dodson



A lot of people feel stuck. They get nowhere. They are treading water in their uninspiring jobs and go into society's hamster wheel without direction.  We eat dinner with recordings on the internet as our only company and we are stuck in lonely, aimless job-home-job-home-cycles. Some of us long for something more, dream of seeing the world or writing a book, while others have been struck down by the oppressive voices of life and society so they can no longer dream beyond the weekend.


At the same time, many of us believers, are standing frozen. We have turned our fellowships from living communities to places where we stand and sing songs we barely understand, listen to slightly encouraging sermons while scrolling through social media posts in the church pew. 

We stand contentedly on the sidelines of a society which has deemed our faith to be irrelevant.


We hope for an eternity, but have neglected the here and now.

Perhaps, we lost track of the Story. The grand story each one of us joined into when we were born. We forgot (or maybe never heard of...) who God really is. And because of that, we've lost track of who we are and what we could be up to, here on Earth.

And that's exactly what we are fighting for with Project Boombox. We believe that the Bible, this old dusty book that has been twisted and used for so much oppression, is actually the total opposite of that. It is the source of truth, meaning, beauty, hope and understanding all of us are longing for. The problem is that we are a bit confused about what the story is.


But we believe that with a little help, we could all go back to the original understanding of this story. That when our eyes and ears are opened again, we will realise the amazing privilege each one of us has to join into the most amazing story ever told.


The story of a good God.

Who created a good world.

That we messed up.

But He still reaches out to us.

And He finally becomes one of us.

So He can make His dwelling inside of us.

And that one day, all things will be made new.


And we are all part of this story. Not as spectators, but as protagonists. Which is exactly why we need to know and understand the story. But for that to happen, we also think that a few strange, sticky, gloomy boxes need to be blown up in the air. And most importantly we need to tune into God's heartbeat again.


Boom, boom. Boom, boom.

Welcome to Project Boombox.

3... 2... 1...

OK, let's  jump into it!

Project Boombox is divided into three sections: an intro to orient you a bit, a seven-part story flying over the Biblical narrative, and an outro to get you inspired and motivated for the next leg of your journey.  You may, of course,  look at each part as a stand-alone element, but to get the most out of Project Boombox, we recommend you look at the entire content. 

As you'll notice, each part is quite short. We compressed what could have been huge amounts of content, into small, bite-sized summaries. Or hope is that this would be just enough to spark your curiosity, and leave room for you and your friends to dive deeper and explore together what life could look like if you took all those ideas to heart.


So, what?