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People get stuck.


Stuck in classrooms that bore them to death, or in jobs they grow to hate. People get stuck in places they don't really want to live and wake up one day wondering why... Once people get stuck, they usually stay stuck, and as busy as they may look, not much ever really happens.

- Patrick Dodson


A lot of people feel stuck. They get nowhere. They are treading water in their purposeless jobs and go into society's hamster wheel without direction.

We see a society where people are lost. Where people eat dinner with recordings on the internet as their only company and are stuck in lonely, directionless job-home-job-home-cycles. Some long for something more, dream of seeing the world or writing a book, while others have been struck down by the oppressive voices of life and society so they can no longer dream beyond the weekend.


At the same time, we see how we, as believers, are standing frozen. We have turned our fellowships from living communities to places where we stand and sing songs we barely understand, listen to slightly encouraging sermons while scrolling through social media posts in the church pew. 

We stand contentedly on the sidelines of a society which has deemed our faith to be irrelevant.


We see Christians who have also fallen into the same disillusioned patterns of society. Whose faith has been relegated to Sunday mornings and a lukewarm evening prayer. We worship a God who created a beautiful, colourful universe and yet we are content in living grey lives.

We have become so used to hearing about Jesus that we no longer understand the impact of his revolutionary teachings and works. We hope for an eternity but have neglected the here and now.


How can we, as followers of Jesus, tap into the truths of God and bless the communities in which we live? How can we break out of our tired cycles and see ourselves as people in God's great story?

The great story that pulsates like an invisible heartbeat through the history of mankind.


The aim of Project Boombox, is to help you break out of the boxes you feel stuck in, spark ideas that will help you find a purpose and a call for your own life. We want you to get inspired and excited about the Bible and what it’s grand story means for your life. 


God has given us an amazing planet full of potential to live on. What if we take back initiative and find out who he’s created us to be?

3... 2... 1...

Let's s jump into it!

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We also happen to visit youth groups, schools, and other such cool places...

interested in having us over?

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Oh, and we also happen

to do some pretty

cool t-shirts...

(with sweet, heavenly glitter)

So, you ready?

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Let's tune into the amazing Boom Boom Boom of God's heart... and let's blow the box of mediocrity up in the air!





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