1 - Main Café Space

We are currently finishing the renovation of the main café space, which will become the principal hub for our community. We will use the space as a hybrid between a co-working environment and a café, where we will work together, and host different types of gatherings and of events.

We believe in the importance of togetherness and collaboration and we want this space to inspire people to gather and create together!

Electrician (2-3 days of work)

6000 kr for electrical material

+ furniture (tables & chairs)

Deadline - March 27th


This kitchen is about 40 years old and everything in there needs to go. We have started the demolition work and this project will be a big part of the renovations for this Spring.


An upgraded kitchen will enable us to use the café a lot more and make it easier to host people in connection to the different activities and events we run as a community.

Electrician, plumber & carpenter

34 000 kr (roughly 21 000 kr for construction material + 13 000 kr for a secondhand  kitchen)

Deadline - End of April 2020

2 - Café Kitchen


3 - Classroom &

creative studio

on 1st floor

We will focus on revamping the two main rooms next to the Aula. The goal is to create and inspiring classroom space and to connect it with a creative studio.


We want to see this area turn into a fertile soil for the ideas and projects of the future. Those rooms will be used especially for the running of 101-Spark DTS, but also for different courses and workshops we will run in the future.

Electrician & carpenters

30 000 kr for construction material + furniture & lighting

Deadline - End of June 2020




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