101 Spark DTS:

calling in the 

brave ones!

Ready to join a new wave of crazy, creative & entrepreneurial believers who will go into all the world, doing new things in all kinds of new ways? 

If yes, read on!




Let's envision something for a

minute... the creative

communities of the future!

What would our world look like if young people woke up everyday with a deep conviction that the combination of their faith & creativity has the power to change the world? Ever wonder what would happen if all their God-given dreams & visions were given a space to hatch out and grow into a beautiful force for change?


At Sparkbox, we believe this is an idea so worth fighting for. Because we know there's a massive battle going on in our world to choke and kill all those God-inspired dreams and visions carried in the hearts of the younger generations. Depression, anxiety attacks, bullying, suicide, apathy... the list goes one. And it's dark. But we believe God is bigger and that His light is a burning fire consuming all the dark ropes holding people captive.

We believe our world needs people that partake into God's redemptive work and that's why we've embarked on the journey to build our community into a crazy playground for all kinds of God-inspired, world-changing ideas. A community of people loving each other and caring for one another, and at the same time, engaging with the messy world we live in, creating solutions that destroy the works of the enemy and build God's kingdom. And we want to see communities like that being launched all over Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world, reaching deep in the thickest darkness, starting fires that will free people from bondage and hopelessness and call them into their Father's kingdom.


And we want to ask you: are you up for joining into this new massive wave that is being born straight out of God's heart? We are calling you, from all corners of the world, to come and join fellow crazy companions that want to catch this wave! We are calling in the brave ones: the cooks, the musicians, the baristas, the designers, the farmers, the photographer, the dancers, the athletes, the fine artists - all of you carrying a dream you believe could make the world a better place!  All of you sensing a fire growing inside your heart and longing to unite with others also carrying this fire to build the communities of the future.

Let's gather and start a BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL fire!


The starting point for you to join on that exciting journey!

The 101 Spark DTS is a 6-month program that will give you the opportunity to grow in your relationship with God and others. You will receive quality teaching from experienced international speakers that will help you grow in your worldview, better understanding who God is, how He's created you and others and what His intentions for the world are.


Being part of a live-learn environment will also encourage you to explore how to apply all that you are learning into a hands-on and concrete way of life, anchoring all that you are and do in God's love & truth. And finally (and perhaps most importantly), you will connect with people from many parts of the world and get to dream together about what co-creating the future with God could look like if you all joined forces!

Part 1: Lecture phase (Sept - Dec) - 12 weeks on the West Coast of Sweden.

Part 2: Outreach phase (Dec - Feb) - 12 weeks on the road and abroad.

SEPT 10 -DEC 4

Part One:

Lecture phase

Weekly teaching topics

Live-learn environment

Do Da Thing:

Entrepreneurial projects

One-on-one mentoring

Practical service

Intentional community

DEC 7 - FEB 26

Part Two:

Outreach phase

Share God's love & truth

Hands on opportunities to

serve with diverse ministries

Broaden your perspective

on societal issues

Cross-cultural experience


Here's what you need to know.

September 10th, 2020 -

February 26th, 2021

Lecture phase: 24 000 SEK

(covers tuition fees, food & housing)

Outreach: 12-15 000 SEK

(+ flight costs)


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