/ˌɒntrəprəˈnəː/   -   noun, plural

From the French: individuals who undertake.

The ones who know that the

intersection of their faith & creativity was always meant to give the world

a big kiss.


Today's world is changing at an 

unprecedented rate.

As believers, this reality pushes us to constantly lean into God to understand how we are to live as salt and light. It's no easy task, but we believe that the alternatives are not worth it; the risks and challenges inherent to this way of life makes our walk with God all the more engaging. 


That's exactly why we are setting-up our community as a dynamic playground, where young and old can come and join into rich, hands-on learning environments. Through this, our heart is that together,  we would find answers to our world's most pressing needs, all the while having fun, learning and growing in the knowledge of God, His ways and the unique calling He has placed upon each one of us.

Our playground

Made up of diverse community-changing ventures with


Build community &

tackle societal issues, 

both locally & abroad.

Create  inspiring

learning environments

where  people get 

to grow as disciples -

in character & skills.

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Ljungskile, Sweden

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A ministry of YWAM International