Planet Earth is our
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The Sparkbox Playground

Our 180 000m² property is like a giant playground where we are shaping & facilitating a highly conducive play/learn environment designed to help you know God, yourself, and what you were created for.


Our playground is a place where you'll be empowered, in the context of a vibrant discipleship community, to develop your entrepreneurial capacity and grow in your ability to create long-term solutions for our world's most pressing needs... whether it's right next door or on the other side of the globe.


Together with others, you'll be given the space to dream-up and launch all kinds of projects & initiatives that affect real change, as you learn to live as brave Kingdom builders on this big playground of ours called Earth.

Key elements of our
Playground environment


Here's how you can join

Our Sparkbox Playground is an invitation for you to take concrete steps towards a life of faith & purpose, where your skills and passions can be activated as a catalyst for change.

We believe that within you lies the calling and potential to create better futures - the ability to create playgrounds of life, hope, and belonging that will embody, loud and clear, the Good News of the Kingdom; playgrounds that will be a part of bringing God's healing and renewal to communities, neighbourhoods and cities all over the world. This is the very mission, task and vision you were created for and we'd love be a part of propelling you further on this amazing journey.

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