Ricardo's Story

Small Sparks.

Small Beginnings.



Ricardo Semler

Brasilian business leader & owner of Semco Partners

Born 1959, São Paulo, Brazil



The year that is now coming to an end has been, for the least, throwing many of us off, and in the midst of uncertainty, it is always a challenge to move forward with courage. But more than ever, we need brave individuals who will dare to reimagine the rules and create alternatives that defy the status quo we so easily end up stuck in.

We need people who heed their God-given callings to be salt of the earth, light of the world - like a city on a hill that cannot be hidden!


And we think that Mr. Semler (not to confuse with Semlor... 🇸🇪 🤓) has some pretty good thoughts to help us engage with the current state of our world, and daring to take risks and do new things in new ways.


So may you be inspired by this short talk... and hopefully, it will spark some cool, new ideas for how you and your community could join forces in order to create better futures!

What do you want to reimagine?

Share your thoughts and stories. 



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Small Sparks.

Small Beginnings.

It's always a scary thing to throw ourselves in the unknown, but it offers us very tangible ways to try new ideas, and slowly, but surely, break some new ground. And that's pretty much what this fall has looked like: small sparks & small beginnings.


101 Spark DTS

Seven students joined us back in September for our first 101 Spark DTS. They all came with a deep hunger and a desire to be challenged in what they believed about God, themselves, others, and the world.


It's been so encouraging to see their growth, but also seeing that this growth was coupled with a new fire growing inside of them, filling them with a new courage and vision to engage with the world around them and create positive change.


With this DTS we wanted to help students envision what the creative communities of the future might look like - communities who will bravely engage with our world's needs and be Jesus' hands and feet, showing a way of life that is full of hope, faith and love. And clearly, these last few months, many puzzle pieces have fallen into place and this mindset we wanted to inspire has started to take roots in the hearts and minds of our DTS students... which is very exciting to see how it will all continue to grow into the future!

Terra Firma   |   Altitude   |    Blóm   |   Otium

The fall has also been an exciting season for our four teams, as they all continued taking small steps towards their respective visions. It was encouraging to see the synergy between our teams and the DTS, and how we were able to invite the students into a concrete environment where we could all learn and build together. 


During the fall, Otium arranged two silent retreats for both our local community and our DTS students. With a focus on rest, recovery, and God, they filled the days with calm music, scripture reading, massage and healthy food, providing a restful environment for people to slow down, recharge their batteries and gain new perspective.

Altitude has worked to turn our large playground into an attractive meeting place for others who share their passion for the outdoors! By laying the first pieces of their obstacle course and climbing trees, they have created the conditions for team building exercises and creative activities that we can offer to school classes, scout groups and others in our immediate area. They also arranged a Niko camp for our DTS participants, dragging them in the forest for a week where they got pushed to their limits and encouraged to overcome.

With Terra Firma, students and staff have been given a stable framework for how they, as followers of Jesus, can steward God's creation. Through a lot of digging and the moving of way too large rocks, they have begun to see new opportunities for both our property and the rest of the world in connection to regenerative agriculture and all the potential it carries, as it points to the amazing God we serve! Their practical work has been interspersed with eye-opening teaching on how agriculture can be used to allow a piece of God's kingdom to break into our broken world.

Blóm grew exponentially when DTS students and volunteers joined them this fall. Through an exciting collaboration with Göteborgs Räddningsmissionen and Bethlehem Kyrkan, they started a product design project for the benefit of Roma women who will learn to sew bags and children's clothes from recycled fabrics. During the process, they had to use their gifts to design a logo, work on branding and sew product prototypes. It's s been a great learning experience for all of them, and they've all being encouraged by the fact that their efforts would be a part of providing new opportunities for Roma women in Göteborg.

Through it all...

Through all these different endeavours, we've had the opportunity to join forces with other brave souls in our local community, learning together how to better love our neighbours in Ljungskile, Uddevalla, and Göteborg. It's been pretty cool to see how simple this can be, when we drop the ''Christianese'' (a.k.a. limiting ourselves to what we think we should be doing and what is really worthy Christian work...) and simply focus on letting our passions and creativity flow through us. God gifted us for a reason and it is when those things bubble up to the surface that people get a glimpse of our Father's love and wisdom, and what His kingdom is all about.


But that being said, there's one important thing we are continuing to learn as a community: it takes time to rebuild solid foundations. And it all starts in the small, seemingly meaningless, behind-the-scene details, almost like we are learning to walk all over again. But we believe that these small beginnings, if cared for properly, will eventually grow into a beautiful force for change, both locally and abroad.



A Good New Year

2020 has not been at all what any of us might have imagined, and honestly, none of us knows what 2021 will be like. But really, do we ever know what the future holds?


Kinda scary, right?

So, what about we all ask God for a massive dose of courage, faith, and wisdom, and dive head first into this new year, facing whatever comes our way as we trust God's empowering presence inside each one of us? His close, intimate, loving presence that empowers us to be salt and light in a world that desperately needs it. Knowing that whatever the circumstances are, our God never gives us up, or lets us down.

What do you say? Let's got for it!





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