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Theaster Gates

American Installation Artist & Revivalist 

Born August, 28th 1973, Chicago

We love the story of this humble man, who combined his love for God, arts, and the 'hood, to completely revive a dead and abandoned part of Chicago, U.S.A. Doesn't that sound very much like what it could mean to be Jesus' hands and feet to a world in need? We believe so.


But we also know it doesn't just happen like that. It requires dedication, togetherness, guts, creativity, wisdom, and a tremendous dose of patience.


So, what could some of those ideas look like, rearranged to the reality of your neighborhoods and communities? What could it look like for you and your friends to make great things out of ''nothing''? To reshape the world around you with what God has placed in your hands? To be a uniting voice for hope, love, and truth in the midst of our polarized societies?

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Gettin' Ready.

Theaster's story inspired part of the narrative behind our upcoming 101 Spark DTS. In that sense, as much as we want our students to grow in their relationship with God, we also want them to dive deeper in understanding what they were given (skills, passions, identity) and how they could use it all to become effective ambassadors of the Gospel, as they engage the cultures and needs around them.


And in order to do that this fall, we're planning to get out of the classroom and join forces with other brave souls in our local community, learning together how to better love our neighbors in Ljungskile, Uddevalla, and Göteborg.

Now, we're excited by the prospects of this challenge, but at the same time, we're also realizing that we're not totally sure how to go about it...

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Up for carrying this vision in your prayers?

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Get the word out! 

Challenge a friend or relative to join us this September!



Summer 2020

2020 came along. And then Covid-19 happened. And we all know how the story goes...


Which means that they are some changes with our original summer plans, and unfortunately, many of our events had to be postponed or cancelled. So here is the update for all of our summer events:

01 / 90's Reunion

We have postponed the 90's reunion to next year, end of June. We are looking forward to welcome many of you who worked at Restenäs during the 90's and Eric Spady will be joining us for this time.

02 / Familjen: Ett Team

We will run the family camp from July 5th-11th. The camp is already fully-booked (due to the small amount of people we can welcome), but we are most likely going to run it again next summer. So for those of you who would like to join, hopefully you can do that next year :) 

03 / inTouch

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our inTouch summer camp. But we are planning to be back again in July 2021! We are still planning to have Don Stephens joining us, sharing with us from his experience in south eastern Europe and how it widened his understanding of God's Kingdom into an all-encompassing view of His dream for His creation and how that dream can be celebrated.  

04 / Welcoming Summer Guests

Despite all those changes in our plans, we would still love to welcome summer guests to Restenäs, providing housing with self-catering. Places will be limited to a certain weekly amount, so if you would love to come for a restful stay on the beautiful west coast of Sweden, make sure you book quickly at



Upcoming Events



Sommarläger - Familjen: Ett Team

28TH-1ST (AUG)



Colour The World


(More info coming soon on our webpage)


101 Spark DTS



Restenäs 40 Years Jubileum

3RD - 4TH

(More info coming soon on our webpage)



And Stand With Us

We are excited about this new season here at Restenäs, but we can't overlook the challenges laying ahead as we pioneer a new phase in the long history of this place.


Covid-19 has been a stick in the heel for many, and we are no exception. It has forced us to cancel our bigger Summer events, which is having some important repercussions on our finances, making our already difficult financial reality even more challenging.

So we are now asking for your help. We need 1.5 million SEK in September to pay for the mandatory sewage connection project (you can read more about it here).


We would prefer not to take any loan to cover these costs, so we ask you to stand with us in this, believing together that many small streams make one big river!

A BIG Thank You!




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